Youth Education Service Curriculum
Secondary School Programmes

School Road Safety Education (SRSE)
Changing Gear
Years 9-10
Empowering students to participate safely as responsible road users, aware of their own place in traffic, as well as that of others.
Drive Qual
Years 11-13

A series of modules designed to build the knowledge and positive attitudes that young drivers need to keep themselves and others safe while driving on the road.
Meet a number of unit standards
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Years 9-13
To raise student awareness of the risk factors and conditions that contribute to road crashes, with a particular focus on strategies to avoid texting and driving. The lessons are based around a fatal crash that occurred in NZ in 2007 The lessons should be used with sensitivity. Designed to be used by PEOs and other youth and community staff.
DARE to Drive to Survive

Helping young people make informed, responsible decisions about alternatives to drink driving or travelling with a driver who has been drinking.

Crime Prevention Delivery
Keeping Ourselves Safe
Building Resiliency
A whole school approach to raise awareness of child abuse and assist young people to avoid and report abuse.

Kia Kaha
Our Place
A whole school approach to reduce bullying by building safe, positive relationships within the school community.

DARE Reducing the Harm
Enabling the secondary school and the local community to collaborate in a health promoting initiative designed to minimise the harm from illicit drugs.